WhatsApp trade fair service

Don’t miss out on anything: all the news about ISH directly to your smartphone! Let us send you key notifications and up-to-date information about ISH right to your mobile, free of charge, directly via WhatsApp. 

The Viessmann WhatsApp trade fair service uses the WhatsApp app to send you:

  • important information about ISH
  • great tips for your trade fair visit
  • the latest information on events at and near the Viessmann booth
  • fantastic opportunities to win attractive prizes 

So come and join in! 

  1. Enter your mobile number in the field below and click “Add”. 
  2. A telephone number is then displayed. Save this number as a new contact on your mobile called “Viessmann ISH News”. 
  3. Open WhatsApp on your mobile phone. 
  4. Tap the icon that looks like a pencil and paper in the upper right-hand corner of the app and select “Viessmann ISH News” from your contacts. 5. Send us a WhatsApp message with the word “start”. 
  5. You’ll receive a message confirming your registration was successful after just a few minutes. 
  6. You’re now registered for our trade fair service and we’ll keep you up to date!

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Is this a free service? 
  2. Yes. All WhatsApp messages are sent using the Internet, so you may incur data charges. However, these are generally covered by a data packet included in your mobile phone contract with your provider.

  3. How do I unregister from the service?
  4. Simply send us a WhatsApp message with the word “stop”.

  5. Can I register again after unregistering?
  6. Of course – it’s very simple! Simply send us (WhatsApp contact “Viessmann ISH News”) another WhatsApp message with the word “start”.

  7. What happens to my personal details?
  8. Your details will of course only be used to send WhatsApp messages. They will not be disclosed to third parties for advertising purposes.

  9. Will other users be able to see my phone number?
  10. No! Technically speaking, our WhatsApp service is not a WhatsApp group. We use a service called Whatsatool to send messages via WhatsApp. This is why you are not able to send other users messages (or receive any from other users). Other users will not see your mobile number. Our service provider stores this number only for the length of time you use the service.

  11. Can I respond to a message?
  12. Yes! We love getting messages, photos and really enjoy helping you with any questions you may have about our trade fair programme. However, please note that you cannot call us using this number.

  13. I’m not getting any WhatsApp notifications. What can I do?
  14. Check that our number has been correctly stored in your contacts. Make sure you’ve actually sent a WhatsApp message (not an SMS/text message) to the number. Check whether your message was sent. If you change mobile numbers you’ll have to register again.

Contact: If you have any questions about our WhatsApp service, send us an email at social-media@viessmann.com.